Why KSI Hates This YouTuber Forever

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Joe Weller was once KSI's biggest fan. He was his inspiration, they made videos together, and eventually decided to bring YouTube boxing to the big stages, but... that has all changed today. Joe Weller and KSI now have beef, in fact, they hate each other, and it resulted in the downfall of Joe Weller and his career. So what is the story behind this fight? And what happened to Joe Weller for him to turn into JJ's biggest hater? Well, watch until the end to find out! I hope you enjoy the video and be sure to leave a like if you do!


00:00 - How Joe Weller Met KSI
02:13 - Yahaha Ad
03:17 - The Rise Of Joe Weller
03:52 - Why KSI Hates Joe Weller
08:04 - The Downward Spiral


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