Want to Be a YouTuber?! | Solomon Kinard

Do you want to be a YouTuber? Have you always thought about starting a channel? Or do you have a channel but want it to grow? This live stream is for all the new YouTubers to learn how to see their subscribers and their views rise, as well as for the older YouTubers to share some of the tricks of the trade! CALL IN to express your opinions, thoughts, and perspectives!

Also, I am starting a brand new YouTube channel called "YouTube Elementary" which will be dedicated to all things YouTube! Subscribe to the channel for all the best content!

YouTube Elementary: @YouTube Elementary

Here is my new Patreon, guys! Thank you SO MUCH for all your support!

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Email: NOTE 3/16/21: Guys, my inbox is flooded with legal questions from all across the country. There is no way I will be able to respond to all these legal questions via email at this point anymore. 🙁

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